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The Art of Game Design with Matt Board

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Matt Board is a supreme gamer. — Contributed photo

Instructor: Matt Board is an assistant professor of art/Interactive Media Studies at Miami University Department of Art. Board focuses on being a technical artist, digital sculptor and independent game developer.

Course: The course focuses on having students create their own game. They learn the techniques and skills that you need to know in order to make it in the gaming industry. Students are able to take 2D objects and transform them into 3D models with texture and level designing. The course helps teach you creative using basic techniques that teach you how to be creative within the  game industry.

Angela Young demonstrates a game she created in the Art of Game Design module. —  Photo by Grace Ryan

Creating the course: Board has created his class to give his students the best opportunity to dip their feet into the world of gaming. Mr. Board said “My favorite thing is being able to see one of my students succeed in what they do. Being able to see all the effort they put in and have it all work out. There is just nothing better.” Mr. Board creates this class to be able to show students that although the gaming world takes a lot of work it can all pay off in the end.

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Emma Braden: The world traveler

Emma Braden takes in the Eiffel Tower during a trip to Paris. —  Contributed photo 

Emma Braden was born in Paducah, Ky., on October 29, 1999. Emma began traveling at a very young age. At age 3 she moved from her birth place of Paducah, Ky., to a just short of four hour drive to Louisville, Ky. She always loved to travel whether it was going camping with her dad or just exploring around her neighborhood. At age 14 she went to London and began her journey as a world traveler. London was only the start. She flew from London to Paris, and stayed at each place for about a week. The next year she decided to add some more stamps on her passport by traveling to France for about three weeks. She then went to Germany.

“Traveling is like being able to have a small new start,” Emma said in an interview. “It’s as if you are going into a new world. It’s a place you have never seen and a place where no one knows you. There is a sort of thrill wondering what you will find at ever corner you turn.” It is clear to see that Emma will not stop until she has visited every place she could ever dream of.  She is excited about what the future brings and what is around the next corner.

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Diego Padulla-Smith: Historian & wrestler

Diego Padulla-Smith crosses the finish with a flourish. — Contributed photo

Diego Padulla-Smith is attending the Physics of Magnetism module at the Miami of Ohio Summer Scholars program. Although he is learning about physics his real passion is history. The musical Hamilton had a large impact on Diego’s interest in the history of the U.S.  “I like the idea of knowing what we came from,” he said. “What worked what didn’t. Why we are the way we are today. I find that very interesting.” He also believes that history needs to be appreciated more.

Not only is Diego very passionate about history but he is a part of his varsity wrestling team. It all started when he could not participate in his school’s cross country team. He decided instead to do wrestling. He soon found out that he was very good at it and soon became one of his team’s best wrestlers. Diego said the “grind never stops” for him and that even when he is supposed to having fun and meeting new people he goes to the gym at 5:30 a.m. and makes sure he is always “fight ready.” He will be starting off this season as a good contender for the captain spot on his varsity team.

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Emma Dunlavy: The ginger mint

Emma Dunlavy now avoids ginger candy. — Contributed photo.

Emma Dunlavy is one of those people cursed with bad luck. From birds pooping on her, to her mom shutting her hand in a trunk, to a near-death experience while climbing a volcano. It was mid-March. Emma and her family went on a family cruise to Puerto Rico. Emma’s mom thought it would be a good idea to climb a dormant volcano. It turned out to be a terrible idea. It was 9 a.m. The hike would take about four hours. Emma, who has sport-induced asthma, was not as excited as her family for this hike.  It didn’t help that her family had given all their water to one of the guides because they had a lot of other stuff to carry. As the journey continued the guide and another group that was with them at the time decided to split off and go at a quicker pace. Emma and her family however decided to stay back and take their time. During the hike Emma’s asthma started to act up so the guides told her to eat a ginger candy which would help with the breathing. Instead, the candy made breathing almost 10 times harder and made her go even slower than before.

Although Emma had many obstacles while climbing the volcano, she overcame them all.  “Although a lot of bad things happen to me, I feel as though they make me a better person. And at least I get a good story out of them.” (I hope for Emma’s sake she has some good luck coming her way.)

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My Media Matters experience

Steve Beitzel, left, takes “Media Matters” Scholars through a newscast. — Photo by Patricia Gallagher Newberry

As someone who knows very little about the world of journalism, this class has been able to open up my eyes. This class, Media Matters, has showed me all the ups and downs in the world of journalism. I also realized that there are many different working parts in journalism. For example we met (either in person or with virtual visits) journalists who work for The Columbus Dispatch, Global Citizen, WCPO, The Cincinnati Enquirer, WVXU-FM, WKRC-TV, The Cincinnati Business Courier, and many more. These media sources have been able to show me which aspects of journalism I really appreciate and which ones I may want to go into as a writer.

Chris Graves especially had an impact on my thoughts on journalism. Her journey to get information on the Rhodes case was absolutely insane. The fact that she had to fly to Alaska to only get a small amount of information is very hard for me to wrap my head around.  The way how she became so passionate about the case was really interesting to see. However one thing I did not enjoy about her job would be that I do not the fact that she had to “play dirty” in order to get her information. She had to get personal information from the family in order to manipulate others into feeling pity and give her information. That is one thing I learned in this class that I have not liked: the fact that in order to get information you have to kind of manipulate a person and their emotions.

With all things considered the module has been very entertaining for me. I have enjoyed meeting the new people here and learning about what it means to be a journalist.

About the author


Grace Ryan of Chicago is a rising senior at Trinity High School in River Forest, Ill. She has been the varsity lacrosse goalie throughout her entire high school career. Although she loves the sport she will not be playing it in college. Her dream occupation is to be an astrophysicist, but she also enjoys writing short stories from time to time. Grace enjoys the idea of being to places that no one else has been before, understanding the depths of the galaxy and how it all works. She also enjoys helping incarcerated pregnant women have the right to not be shackled during birth. She does this by volunteering at “Don’t Shackle Me,” which helps spread the word about this inhumane practice. Grace also volunteers at the anti-cruelty society by walking dogs and helping to feed animals. Grace selected “Media Matters” for her Summer Scholars program to better understand the ideals of media, and how their impact on their audiences. She wants to use this knowledge to get the word out about important topics and subjects she believes in.