Summer Scholars ’14

SS14 014
Eleven students participate in the inaugural offering of “Media and The Millennial: Journalism in Action.”

Media and the Millennial: Journalism in Action was one of 10 summer 2014 seminars offered by the College of Arts & Science for Miami’s new Summer Scholars program. In M&M, 11 high school students learned about the role of the news media in society, the myriad of challenges facing the industry, the skills required of the 21st century journalist and the opportunities to study journalism and related disciplines at Miami.  Over eight class days, running 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., students participated in two fields trips: one to Cincinnati to meet journalists at Enquirer Media, the Associated Press and;  the second to visit campus media organizations and other spots that provide learning about journalism at Miami. When not in the field, students learned about various journalism platforms (print, broadcast and online) each morning — and then conducted Q&As with some three dozen media professionals in the afternoons. (Giant thanks, by the way, to our fabulous guestsmany of them Miami grads, willing to visit in person or via Skype and Google Hangout.)

At the end of the two weeks, students created a brief photo story and offered reflections on their Media and The Millennial learning. Here are the students and their work:

Students try out the anchor desk in the Williams Hall TV studio.
Students try out the anchor desk in the Williams Hall TV studio, with an assist from MJF chief engineer Steve Beitzel.

Taylor Bruck, from Granville, Ohio, enters her junior year at Granville High School, where she is deeply involved in many aspects of her community. Bruck is president of her school’s Key Club, a Girl-Delegate-at-Large for Ohio’s Girl Scouts, and a member of Spanish Club, Varsity G Club and Youth in Government. Bruck runs indoor and outdoor track and likes to lift weights. She enjoys acting and modeling whenever work is available and would like to work in the TV or film industry after college.  Here are Taylor’s photo stories and essay on the class.

Rachel Anna Carter, from Cincinnati, is an upcoming junior at Wyoming High School.  She has been interested in English and History ever since she discovered her love of reading and writing, and is considering journalism and marketing communications as a career.  At school, she is involved in the school newspaper and literary magazine, Unified for Uganda, and various volunteer organizations.  She also plays tennis, aiming for the varsity team this fall.  Outside of school, she is very interested in art, and interns at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center in the summertime. She also loves to read, and spend time with friends and family. She also loves to travel and having just returned from vacation in Switzerland, is excited for future international traveling adventures. Here are Rachel’s photo story and reflections.

Miami Student editor in chief Katie Taylor takes a break from her internship at the Cincinnati Enquirer to chat with "Media & the Millennial" students.
Miami Student editor-in-chief Katie Taylor, seated in center, takes a break from her summer internship at the Cincinnati Enquirer to chat with “Media & the Millennial” students.

Josiah Rodney Collins from South Euclid, Ohio, enters his junior year of high school at Andrews Osborne, where he is involved in basketball, student council, and theater.  He has also been involved in the school’s Make a Difference Day where the school goes into the community and volunteers to provide any service for a family in need. He hopes to become a broadcast journalist. Read Josiah’s photo story and essay.

Anna Haralson, from Dayton, is a rising junior at Chaminade-Julienne High School.  She is contemplating joining the school newspaper and is currently a member of the Eagle Pride, her school’s marching band, as well as student council and bowling team.  After high school, she hopes to major in journalism, creative writing, psychology, or chemistry.  She has an older brother who will be a senior at Chaminade-Julienne. Anna offers her photo story and reflections.

Jonathan Kocks, from Flint, Mich., is going into his junior year at Grand Blanc High School. He participates in track and cross country in school, and plays baseball for a travel team during the summer. Jonathan is looking at colleges but is undecided on which to attend and study. Jonathan presents his  photo story and reflections.

Rhiannon Mowrey, from Milan, Ohio, is entering her senior year at Edison High School. She participates in French Club, National Honor Society and French National Honor Society. She is a varsity cheerleader for football and basketball season. Rhiannon is also a member of the Edison Marching Band. She enjoys creative writing and reading in her free time. She is still unsure of what college she would like to attend or what field she would like to major in after receiving her diploma. Here are Rhiannon’s photo story and essay.

M&M students toured WCPO-TV, with an inside look at its ground-breaking approach to digital news at with managing editor Chris Graves.
M&M students tour Cincinnati’s ABC affiliate, with an inside look at its innovative approach to digital news with Managing Editor Chris Graves.

From a very young age, Nisa Muhammad knew that what she wanted to do write and act. As a shy child, writing was the only thing that gave her a voice, and theater was the only thing that worked as an escape from her anxious mind. She began writing short stories when she was young, and became a published poet by sixth grade. Poetry has become the release, the escape, the means to order her emotions and conflicts in a productive way to reach people. After writing very personal and controversial pieces for years, Nisa found the courage to battle her social anxiety and perform in talent shows. Crowds cheered, people clapped, and her fate was sealed. Once she found tumblr, she left the world of Facebook and started blogging on intersectional feminism, anti-black misogyny, and music. In her junior year, she began writing regularly for her school newspaper. She later became a Cappies team critic, allowing her to offer commentary about theatrical performances in the Greater Cincinnati area. Nisa’s photo story and reflections are here.

Katy Lee O’Neill, from Randolph, N.J., begins her final year of high school in September. She has been a member of the high school field hockey team for three years, as well as member of Key Club International, United Nations, and Friends of Rachel. On top of extracurriculars, Katy is the feature editor for her school newspaper, Rampage, and the coordinator of the school online paper, Ram Communications. Outside of school, Katy takes care of 30 children at a local elementary school everyday for the After School Care Program. She was born in Kansas but has also lived in Minnesota and Nebraska. After high school, she plans to return to the Midwest and study strategic communications. Read Katy’s photo story and reflections.

Haley Reedy, from Middletown, is approaching her junior year at Bishop Fenwick High School, where she will graduate with honors and then move into collegiate media studies. She plays golf and softball, and is a member of Key Club, Latin Club, Student Council. And even though her best subject is precalculus, she aspires to become a broadcast journalist and explore different careers including mass communications. Her college search is just beginning and Haley hopes Miami’s Summer Scholars program will lead her in the right direction, giving her tips on ACT prep, how to apply for colleges, and how to prepare herself for a busy and bright future. Haley offers her photo story and reflections.

Noah Simon, from Fairfax, Va., is a rising senior at Robinson Secondary School. Exploration and travel have always caught his attention. Noah hopes to pursue a career in the communications field, possibly focusing on broadcast and international journalism. In the summer of 2013, he toured Germany with a group from his school while living with a German family. He enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking, hiking, and overall experiencing new things. Here are Noah’s photo story and essay.

Hannah Nicole Wegman, from Cincinnati, enters her senior year at Seton High School, where she participates in many different organizations and teams such as softball, volleyball, and the Ambassadors program.  Wegman writes for the school newspaper, The Seton Connection, and is co-editor of Seton’s yearbook.  She works as a volleyball referee and office assistant at Wegman Heating and Air Conditioning.  Hannah hopes to finish her senior year strong, taking five AP classes, then enroll at Miami University in the fall of 2015. Hannah created this photo story and offered these reflections.

Instructor Patricia Gallagher Newberry, from Cincinnati, enters her 18th year at Miami University this fall, where she is a senior lecturer in journalism in the Department of Media, Journalism & Film. Newberry created “Media and the Millennial: Journalism in Action” for the first iteration of Miami’s new Summer Scholars program in the summer of 2014, calling on colleagues, former colleagues, Miami alumni and other contacts in the media world to provide rich and real discourse about the news business in the 21st century. She created a photo story about her son, A.J.

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