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Lost Civilizations and Cities: Digging deeper

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Summer scholars listen as Dr. Jeb Card teaches about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. — Photos by Emma Benson

Dr. Jeb Card really has his students digging deeper. Card is a visiting assistant professor of anthropology who teaches the Lost Civilizations and Cities module for Summer Scholars. Other than lectures about topics like tombs or languages, Card likes to have his students participate in various activities to learn about the basics of archaeology.  For eight days, scholars are given the chance to participate in discussions, archaeological digs, and handling real artifacts of past civilizations.

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Jeb Card helps students one-on-one with their dig. 

The course offers high school students a realistic, hands-on experience of the work of an archaeologist. The class utilizes advanced technology such as 3D printers to print replicas of artifacts to investigate. Students learn to enhance their detective skills and their understanding of history through the investigation of more than 60 artifacts. They also stay active and engaged by learning through activities outside.

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Miami’s Lost Civilizations and Cities module emphasizes the need for teamwork. 

Card understands that many of his students in the program are already interested in his field of work. In the Summer Scholars course, he wants his students to take with them that they learn history to learn about today. They can learn about where they came from through history, DNA, and science. Each culture and civilization does things differently —  and that’s what history teaches us to understand and accept, Card said.

Samantha Lisanti: Her figure skating life

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Samantha Lisanti shows off her figure-skating medals. — Contributed photo

Samantha Lisanti was 9 years old when she decided to try out figure skating. Her mom found a number in the yellow pages and signed her up. When she first started, Lisanti was terrified of falling. She even made her coach keep 911 on hand when she tried her jumps. Lisanti never imagined that eight years later she would still be skating and competing. During her time competing, Lisanti has won numerous freestyle and synchronized competitions. Through skating Lisanti has learned that “you have to work really hard when you want something and that when you work hard you will be rewarded.”

Ellen Stevenot: A passion for art

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Ellen Stevenot shares her depiction of a tree, completed in pencil. — Contributed photo. 

Ellen Stevenot had always loved art, but it was in the sixth grade when she really started to become passionate about it. When Stevenot was 11, she decided that art was going to be something she took seriously and would work on. So far in her journey Stevenot has taken several classes to improve her art skills. In high school Stevenot has completed two drawing classes, painting, mural painting, and AP art. Stevenot was a Summer Scholar in the Art Portfolio module and  plans on majoring in marketing and fashion design in college. For those seeking to follow a career in art, Stevenot advice is to “just go for it … you really have nothing to lose.”

Valentina Faizo: Her home away from home

Valenina Faizo enjoys the diversity of Colombia frequently. — Contributed photo

The first time Valentina Faizo traveled to Colombia with her family she was too young to remember it.  Since she’s visited Colombia at least 15 times. She would go every year or sometimes even twice a year until she started high school and she had less time and more work. Faizo loves how there aren’t seasons in Colombia but that each area there has a different temperature and environment.  “If you want cold weather you go to Bogota or if you want warm weather you go to Bucaramanga or the coast,” she explained. She loved that when she went her family traveled all over Colombia and she was able to experience all of what Colombia had to offer.


Media Matters: Endless possibilities

In Media Matters: Journalism in Action, we as students learned about the wide variety of media available today. Media such as print media, radio, TV news, podcast, online news, and more. We also learned their similarities and differences, and their advantages and challenges.

By interviewing all the different individuals who work in the world of journalism I learned the many different aspects that go into reporting a story. There are so many jobs in the world of journalism like reporting, editing, and filming.  Many of the individuals we interviewed didn’t know they wanted to work in journalism until they reached college.

I’ve also learned that many of these news reporters get their information from social media that I use too. They learn about the news they want to follow off Twitter or Facebook or they are assigned stories. I thought that this was very interesting since I can use these apps too to write my own stories.

There were so many different places and people we visited during the two weeks and all had tricks and skills to share. All said that to have connections is the most important bonus a reporter can attain. Many reporters share their connections with their colleagues.

The best thing I’ve learned about the world of journalism is that everyone works together to help each other. Journalism is built on teamwork, challenging one another’s work, and working together to deliver the news.

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Emma Benson dabbles in photography and enjoys capturing the little moments in her life.

Emma Benson lives in Dublin, Ohio with her parents, siblings, and her adorable pup, Cici Bella. Benson is a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School where she is on the Executive Student Council and the secretary of the school’s anti-bullying club, Take A Stand. She’s also involved in her school’s volunteer program and she’s the assistant manager for the girls track team.  Her hobbies include reading and watching TV shows such as HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” and “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Benson also loves hanging out with friends and shopping. She’s interested in going to Miami University to study zoology and to one day study abroad in Australia.