Anna Reid

Anna Reid admits to binge watching Good Omens among other media habits. — Contributed photo

About the author

Anna Reid is a 17-year-old rising senior at Edgewood High School who does not understand why she should lead with that.

She lives in Verona, Wisconsin, and has five high-spirited siblings, who she loves more than anything, and a plethora of parents (#divorce, #secondchristmas), none of whom would enjoy being referred to as a plethora of parents.

Reid is a hopeless nerd and loves reading and watching TV and movies. She is currently binge watching Good Omens and mourning the events of Avengers Endgame. She calls herself a writer, but should probably finish at least one project first. She also enjoys drawing, playing ukulele, and hanging with the potato squad. (Inside joke.) Reid works as a lifeguard, where she forgets to wear sunscreen and continuously tells kids to get of the lane lines. She also likes playing soccer and will pretend she likes running, because you do not know her and cannot prove otherwise.

She also loves stars and science and hopes to study astrophysics (with a possible tangent into neuroscience) and explore the vast universe while continuing to write stories and create universes of her own.